Hi I’m Fiona Stock,

Mebourne Copywriter

I’m here to make sure that your online presence attracts Google, convinces clients, and truly represents you.

Melbourne Copywriter Dating Profile

If this were a dating site for meeting your perfect Melbourne copywriter match, I’d sum myself up as follows:

Straight talking. Personable. Experienced. Insightful.

… I also like long walks on the beach, and providing genuine value to my clients.

I get a kick out of delivering top quality copy, and by providing a clear and transparent service that makes you feel you’re in good hands. 

There will be no baffling you with big words, no hidden fees or unnecessary ongoing contracts. Just me, working to enhance your business, consuming lots of chocolate while I do so…



My unusual career path includes being a professional belly dancer, business strategy consultant, retail manager, town planner’s assistant, event coordinator, kid’s entertainer and digital publisher…

Great background for writing about any business!

The Important Experience Bit

  • 20+ years of small business experience – I’ve run my own businesses, and managed other people’s. I get where you’re coming from and what your clients need.
  • More than just a copywriter – I don’t write in a vacuum, I also consider business and marketing strategy, which I’m well versed in.
  • SEO and UX (User Experience) skills – I incorporate all-important Search Engine Optimisation and User Experience into my work, so you don’t have to hire another expert.
  • Cross-industry writer – Writing about almost anything is my super-power. If I haven’t worked in your industry, I’ll use my well-honed research skills to quickly understand it. 
  • I see YOU! – I possess the knack for identifying what you’re most passionate about, and bringing that uniqueness out. It’s what makes your copy stand out against other businesses.
Melbourne copywriter Fiona Stock 1

Fiona is exceptional! She really listens to, and understands the needs of her clients, and adapts her writing style to suit the audience, and client’s needs. She is bubbly, witty, creative and has phenomenal attention to detail.”

Catherine Rosalion - Autism Support

Catherine Rosalion

Autism Support

“I would be lost without Fiona. Not only is she wonderful at working through my editing and SEO needs, she is also able to ask all the right questions to be able to understand what I want to say, and is then able to articulate it perfectly.”

Testimonial Katrina Naish for Keep Up Copywriting

Katrina Naish

A Fitting Connection

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