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Get on top of your blog writing with well written, SEO-friendly copy that convince both Google and your prospective clients you’re awesome!

Having a blog on your website can help draw customers to you, show off your expertise and build rapport. It can be a great marketing strategy that doesn’t require advertising, networking or picking up the phone (eek).

Problem is, blog writing is time consuming and possibly not your area of expertise.

And even when you do write a rocking blog post, no one will see it if it doesn’t satisfy Google’s SEO requirements.

Fortunately, I LOVE blog writing, and I’m pretty darned good at it – including the SEO stuff.


Women who hates blog writing

I’m drawing a blank here. Can someone please write me amazing SEO-friendly blog posts?

Brilliant Blog Writing For Your Australian Business

 Not all blog posts are created equal. It’s not hard to throw a few words on a page, but to get traction you need to ensure your post is:

  • Well written (SO IMPORTANT!)
  • Long enough to satisfy Google.
  • Packed with useful info, making you look awesome, and encouraging other sites to link to the post (good for SEO!)
  • Search engine optimised, with correct use of keywords, headers, meta tags, etc.

My blog writing satisfies all of these requirements, and I can write for any business or industry – truly!

Past client industries include: banking, event management, digital marketing, furniture removals, sustainability, fashion, entertainment,  dancing, teaching and more. 

Already written your own blog post?

Let me give it the SEO treatment, and spruce up the wording, to make sure your wonderful words are being read.

Blog Writing Packages

400-500 word blog post – From $350*

500-1200 word blog post – From $450*

SEO spruce-up and editing of existing blog – $80 per hour

* Pricing depends on complexity of subject matter and how much content is provided.

Blog Blitz Special

Package of 3 blogs – GET 15% OFF

Add On Keyword Research:

Need to identify the best keywords or phrases to create your blog around? Pay only $150 when coupled with blog writing. SAVE $100.


  • Keyword, title tag and description (‘meta tags’) for each blog post.
  • SEO optimised body copy using keywords, <H1> and <H2> headers in the way Google likes.
  • BONUS – 2 social media posts per blog post, to introduce your blog on your socials

    Happy Blog Writing Client Feedback

    Fiona’s background in having her own successful business plays an important role in her understanding how blogs can be leveraged to attract more traffic to your site. Not only that, but she knows how to incorporate SEO into a well worded, informative and enjoyable read. Thanks for turning my ideas into readable blogs!”

    Testimonial Katrina Naish for Keep Up Copywriting

    Katrina Naish

    A Fitting Connection

    Let’s get this blog writing party started!

    If you’re an Australian service business, please…

    Fiona Stock blog writing Melbourne

    Blog Writing FAQs

    What is an SEO blog – as opposed to a normal blog post?

    A search engine optimised (SEO) blog will be written around a certain keyword, phrase or question. This means that, when potential readers search for that word or phrase, the blog is much more likely to show up in search results.

    I’ll also provide meta data to type into the back end of your website, use keywords within the blog text, and provide H1 headers…these are things that also help get your blog post up the Google ranking.

    Most important of all, I will write a blog post that is informative and enjoyable for the audience to read. After all, you can keyword-stuff your blog all you want, but if it isn’t a good or useful piece of writing, it’s not going to impress Google or your potential clients.

    As for a ‘normal’ blog post – that just means it’s written without these SEO techniques in mind. It might be a great blog post, but your chances of people discovering it are much lower.

    Do blogs have to be a certain length? Why?

    Google’s primary aim is to show content that will be the most useful to its readers. If a blog post is too short, or doesn’t contain useful information, it won’t show up in Google’s search results. Generally speaking, Google likes blog posts to be 1,000+ words in length.

    However, this is not a hard and fast rule. Sometimes readers type in a question that only requires a short answer (such as ‘What is the corporate tax rate in Australia?’). The more important thing is that the blog post answers the question well.  

    Can you write me a blog every month?

    Adding a blog post each month to your website is a great SEO strategy. While I don’t have the capacity to provide an ongoing monthly blog writing service, I offer packages of 3 blogs at a time, which will be delivered by an agreed date. You can then post these to your website once a month.

    Fiona Stock blog writer reading book

    Wondering what to write a blog post about? Let’s find out what your readers are interested in.