Business Writing

Get better business writing with carefully crafted emails, FAQs, whitepapers and letters.

Do you waste time answering the same questions from your clients?

Are you often having to clear up confusion or deal with unreasonable requests?

Chances are, a lot of this can be prevented with improved up-front communication.

Small service businesses need to produce a LOT of written communication – think of all those emails, instructions, T’s & C’s and reports you pull together.

It’s a huge extra workload … it’s BORING to do … and it’s often hard to write for a client who knows nothing, when you are such an expert.

That’s why outsourcing your business writing to a small business copywriter can be an excellent idea. You’ll get clear, concise and complete communications that answer client questions and prevent confusion. Which means you’ll spend less time explaining things.


Excited about small business writing

Clear communications mean:

> Less repetitive questions

> More client certainty

> Less stress for you.  

Small Business Writing Services

For Australian Service Businesses

Business Letters and Emails

Compelling communications that get to the point and strike the right tone to inform, sell or convince.

FAQs, How-To’s & Instructions

Clear, complete instructions that make perfect sense to the reader and reduce your enquiry workload.

Social Media Blitzes

Bite-sized messages for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to promote your book, event or business offerings.

Whitepaper and Report Writing

Carefully crafted and insightful reports that your potential clients will want to read (and will give their contact details to access).

All projects are priced on application, at the rate of $85 per hour.

Business Copywriting FAQs

Can you write for my industry?

Yes. Something a little unusual about me is my eclectic work history – I’ve worked in numerous fields, from management consulting to town planning to retail management to entertaining. I also have a business analysis background, so am great at researching and developing insights into unfamiliar industries.

I’ve provided business writing for clients in many fields, including dentistry, kids parties, removalists, trader’s associations, banking, construction, structural engineering, cosmetics, naturopathy, alternative medicine, disability services, truck repairs … and more.

With a good client briefing, I promise you, I can write for you!

I have an event to promote. Can you help me get the word out there?

Absolutely. I can provide you with a suite of social media posts, emails, letters, and anything else you need to promote your event. I’ll pull out lots of great facts and benefits to your event, and make it easy for you to tell the world about them.

However, I’m not a social media marketing agency, so I won’t be able to upload or monitor your social media posts, or send out your emails. I’ll be leaving that bit to you (or your preferred outsource provider).

I have heaps of research that I want pulled into a whitepaper. Do I have to organise it for you?

No you don’t. I’m great at pulling random bits of information into a logical order, and drawing out key insights that will be of greatest interest to your clients. I’ll turn all your musings into a  well-crafted document that makes you look even more clever and awesome than you already looked before.

Do people even read FAQs or instructions? Should I bother?

Absolutely. The more information you provide, the closer a client will be to buying, by the time they contact you. They’ll also have a greater level of comfort that you are open, honest and generous with your knowledge.

However, a lot of business communications are too long-winded, or assume knowledge that the client doesn’t have. Sometimes clients don’t read stuff because it’s too long or too confusing. Or they do read it, but don’t understand. 

When I write for you, I bring an outside perspective, and solid writing skills. I can get across all the important Ts & Cs, and general information, so there are less questions and misunderstandings for you to deal with.

How much will it cost?

As each project is different, I’ll need to discuss your needs with you and provide a quote. It will be based on a rate of $85 per hour, and we can discuss working to a certain time frame if you have a specific budget.  My rates include a 20 minute briefing for any project. If we need a more extensive briefing before our first project, the extra time will be charged.

Please get in touch and I can provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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