Automated Marketing Funnels

Use an automated marketing funnel to attract new clients, keep in touch and convince them of your worth, without any extra effort from you.

Popping an enticing lead magnet on your website, followed by an automated email sequence, is an easy way to nurture qualified leads without having to chase them.

Which is fantastic, except … you have to actually create the lead magnet, landing page and email sequence.

Yet more time and skills you’re supposed to magically possess!

Man wanting marketing funnel

I absolutely need a lead magnet. And emails. Can you do all that for me?

Let’s Create Your Marketing Funnel

First thing’s first – let’s get you a lead magnet! It needs to be something your ideal client wants enough to hand over their email address.

Your lead magnet might be a checklist, how-to guide, whitepaper, template, or something else.

I’ll also create compelling landing page copy, plus a follow-on email sequence, that will build rapport with your audience and gently convince them to buy.

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Marketing Funnel Packages

Marketing funnel strategy:

  • 60 min strategy development session – $100

Creation of lead magnet:

  • Copy – Price on application.
  • Copy + layout – Price on application.

Landing page copy:

  • Copy only – $150
  • Including title and description meta-tags – $200

5-part follow on email series – $500

Complete Marketing Funnel Package

Strategy session, lead magnet, landing page & email series:

  • $50 off strategy session
  • $50 off lead magnet
  • FREE meta title and description for landing page.

SAVE $150

Want to throw around some lead magnet ideas for your Australian service business?

Fiona Stock writing marketing funnel

Marketing Funnel FAQs

What exactly is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a document that offers some value to your ideal clients – such as a holiday packing checklist, budgeting spreadsheet, Facebook ad template, industry whitepaper or eBook on 101 Lunch Box Ideas. It’s often a pdf file, and can be anything from one page to a complete digital book. People have to enter their email address in order to receive the lead magnet (typically, you’d send them an email containing a link to download the file).

What is a landing page?

The landing page is where people enter their email address to get their free lead magnet. It will usually include some copy that convinces them they need this lead magnet, an image, plus the sign-up form.

This page could be a pop-up or web page on your website, or you might choose to create it in an email/marketing program such as Mailchimp or Keap.

Do you do layout as well as writing the copy?

Yes, I can do layout for documents up to 15 pages. I’ll be using a Canva template, personalised with your brand colours and fonts, and they’ll be downloaded as a PDF. We will agree on the template beforehand. If, however, you require more pages, or have a different design requirement, you’ll need to outsource that to a designer.

What’s in the email series? Why do I need 5 emails?

The email series is designed to show your expertise, give them free info (to make them love you), and encourage them to buy from or hire you. A 5-email series works really well to achieve this:

  1. Delivery: Here’s your lead magnet
  2. Checking in: Summary of key points
  3. Adding value: Offer more free info
  4. Special offer
  5. Last call for special offer

We’ll discuss all this before I start writing, and can adjust the email sequence if needed.

Do you set up the landing page and emails in my email/sales program, or on my website?

No. I’ll provide you with all the copy you need in a Word document. You’ll need to pop it onto your website, or in your email delivery program yourself. I can, however, explain how this all needs to work.

woman thinking about automated marketing funnel

Still deciding? While you’re thinking, download…

PS – see what I did there? That’s a lead magnet! Go on, click on the box, enter your email and see how an automated marketing funnel works.