SEO Check

Get a personalised SEO Check on your website, and find out what you can improve, to enhance your Google rank.

SEO check on website for Australian small business

Worried about a lack of traffic to your website?

Website not appearing high enough in search results?

No idea whether your website is set up correctly for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ?

You’re not alone!

Many of my copywriting clients ask me for ‘better SEO’, but don’t actually know what the current state of their SEO is, or what any of it really means.

This is why I now offer the SEO Check to Australian businesses – to provide an easy, affordable way to see what’s what, before you start investing in any SEO related services.

It is my goal to deliver you a report that is both useful and easy to understand.

What’s Included in Your Small Business SEO Check:

The check is available to Australian service based businesses.

You will receive an 8+ page report written in clear, easy to understand language, which includes the following:

  • Website traffic snapshot, identifying your most visited pages
  • Your top keywords, and your search ranking for them
  • Page word count review
  • Blocked page review
  • Meta data title tags and description reviews
  • H1 header review
  • Site load speed for desktop and mobile
  • Domain authority ranking
  • Backlink review
  • Google Business Profile review

This is not a generic technical report that is impossible for the average person to understand!

I’ll be explaining everything included in the report. Plus I’ll make specific recommendations on how to improve your SEO performance (as well as telling you what you don’t need to worry about).

    woman holding magnifying glass

    An SEO Check Will Allow You To:

    • Take a peek behind-the-scenes of your website to see what SEO techniques have or have not already been implemented.
    • Detect any problems that are negatively impacting your Google rank.
    • Identify ‘quick win’ steps that can be implemented immediately.
    • Optimise the searchability of your Google Business Profile. 
    • Get specific, personalised recommendations that tell you where to focus your limited time and resources first.

    Do I Even Need An SEO Check?

    An SEO audit can be a really helpful business tool if you:

    • Are concerned about a lack of traffic, or low search result (Google) ranking.
    • Had your website set up by someone else and don’t know if they sorted out the necessary SEO stuff.
    • Got you website built on the cheap by an overseas provider.
    • Are reliant on people finding you on the internet, rather than via networking or word of mouth.
    • Want to implement best SEO practices in your business.
    • Are looking to hire an SEO copywriter but want to know what you should focus on first.

    It’s particularly important to get things checked out if your website was created by a cheap-n-cheerful provider, or if you suspect a previous SEO agency has done something odd. They can leave quite a mess behind the scenes!

      BONUS – Free 20 minute phone consultation

      I won’t be satisfied unless you can understand and make use of this report!

      Your payment includes a complementary 20 minute catchup via phone or Zoom, to run through the SEO Check results and answer any questions you may have.

      SEO Check Consultation - Fiona Stock

      There’s No Risk!

      I will be using tools that allow me to peek behind the scenes without having to access the back end, so you do not need to hand over any login details. Nifty, huh?

      Plus, there is absolutely no obligation and no ongoing payment once you’ve received your report.

      Let’s find out what’s happening with your SEO

      ONLY $99 – Including report + phone consult

      (Valued at $319)

      Available to Australian businesses

      Have a question? Please get in touch.

      SEO audit


      • Available for Australian service businesses only
      • This fee covers a review for one website
      • Your fee includes an 8+ page personised report and bonus 20 minute phone consultation
      • Your report will be delivered within 5 business days and a phone consultation slot offered within the next 2 weeks (subject to your availability)
      • The SEO check can be run on websites with any number of pages, however, the report is limited to showing the most important results, rather than all metrics for every single page. For eg, the report may be limited to: top 5 pages visited; top 10 keywords; top 10 backlinks; low wordcount top 5 pages. This allows the report to focus on key areas of priority.
      • No refunds available once work has commenced on the report.