SEO For Small Business

Increase your Google ranking using SEO strategies that are affordable, effective and don’t lock you in to a never-ending contract.

There’s no getting away from it – if you are a service provider in Australia, you need Search Engine Optimisation so that potential clients can find you online.

But SEO can be confusing, never-ending, expensive and, well … dodgy.  

There are SEO providers who will charge big monthly fees to do stuff you may not need, might implement dodgy SEO strategies … or secretly do nothing at all.

SEO for small business doesn’t have to be that way!

I focus on 4 Google-approved, easy-to-implement strategies that give your online presence an SEO boost. I’ll explain exactly what I’m doing in plain language.

It’s non-dodgy SEO. Not baffling you with bulldust. 





“I want someone I can trust to implement SEO for my business … and to explain it in terms I can understand.”

4 Essential SEO Quick Fixes

Keyword Research

Identifying the words and phrases that your ideal clients search for, and that you have a chance of ranking well for on Google.

Meta Tag Titles and Descriptions

Writing the all-important ‘meta tags’ for the back end of your website, which attract Google, and entice readers to click through to your website.

Google Business Profile Optimisation

Making sure you’re listed on Google Maps, and showing off your business to its best, with a great description and photos.

Regular Google Business Profile Updates

Weekly posting of keyword-optimised updates for an extra SEO boost.

But wait! There’s more…

For maximum SEO happiness, make sure your website copywriting and blog writing have also been given an SEO makeover. 


SEO For Small Business Pricing

Keyword research – $250

Title tags & meta descriptions  – $80 per page

Google Business Profile optimisation – $150

3 months of weekly keyword optimised Google Business Profile posts (total 12 posts) – $350

SEO Boost Special

Book the whole lot, and receive keyword research for only $150, plus title tags & meta descriptions for the reduced rate of $70 per page.

SAVE $110+

Fiona Stock SEO for small business writer

Yes please! Let’s get SEO sorted for my small business…

SEO help for service busineses across Australia


How is this different to an SEO Agency?

There are many extra ways you can enhance SEO – including getting backlinks to your site, making technical adjustments to enhance site speed, listing in directories, etc. SEO Agencies have the manpower to offer these extra SEO strategies, but you may be locked into a long-term contract with significant monthly fees. Your small businesses may not have the budget for this (and you may not need all the bells and whistles). I focus on a handful of strategies that I believe give small service providers the biggest bang for their buck. An SEO boost, if you will.

What are the dodgy SEO strategies you speak of?

There are genuinely good SEO agencies out there. However, there are also plenty of rip-off merchants. The dodgy ones will do things like create backlinks to your website from spammy sites that are completely unrelated to your business. This can temporarily fool Google into increasing your ranking, but you run the risk of Google punishing your site for hanging around with such dodgy types. Not to mention, there’s no point ranking high for searches that aren’t actually attracting your ideal customer. And when you start asking exactly what the agency is doing for that expensive monthly fee, they may try to baffle you with bulldust or go mysteriously silent.

I focus on SEO techniques that Google itself tells us we should use. I’ve selected the strategies that are proven to be effective, and can help increase your ranking without requiring ongoing monthly effort (and payment). Rest assured,  I will explain everything I’m doing in layman’s terms so you know exactly what’s going on.

What is keyword research?

When prospective clients go looking for a service provider, they’ll type a key word or phrase into Google. You’ll then want your website to include those keywords, so they show up in the search results.

Your clients could search ‘bookkeeper’, or ‘Melbourne bookkeeper’, or even ‘account keeping for hairdressers in Melbourne’. Keyword research helps identify what phrases your ideal clients most use – because there’s no use trying to rank for bookkeeper if your ideal clients are actually searching for account keepers.

We also look at how many other websites are already trying to get ranked highly for keywords. We can then choose keywords that are not only heavily searched, but that also have less competitors trying to rank for them.

Because keywords make a big difference to your Google ranking, it’s essential to get them right – and so I highly recommend having keyword research done if you haven’t already. Read more about how good quality keyword research is conducted.

Someone else created my website. I have no idea if this stuff has already been taken care of.

If you think there’s room for improvement with your website’s Google ranking, but you’re not sure whether you’ve already got keywords and meta tags sorted, let me take a look. I offer a low-cost SEO Health Check where I take a look at what’s been done, what’s working well and what could do with some work. You won’t need to give me back-end access to your website, and I’ll provide you with recommendations on what to focus on as a priority.

Do I really need a Google Business Profile for my service business?

Yep – especially if you serve a local market. Google now includes Google Business Profiles in their search results. Having a profile really helps you get found. What’s more, you can create posts on your profile (a bit like social media posts) that include keywords, and these can also turn up in Google’s search results. So having a profile provides you with lots of extra chances to be found. But you need to have an attractive profile to make people click through to your website or call you. Think photos, an enticing description, reviews, and intriguing posts.

Read more about optimising your Google Business Profile.

I don’t know where the keywords and meta tags need to go in the back end of my website. Help!

There is a spot in the back end of your website where this data slots in. Usually I will provide your copy in a Word document, and you or your website guru can pop it into your website. However, if you’re unable to do this, let me know. I’ll take a look at your website and, if it’s a system I’m familiar with, I may be able to do this for you for an additional fee.

What if I work from home and don’t want my address on Google Maps?

If you work from home, as many small service businesses do, you can list on Google Maps without having to show your address. You’ll need to provide your address for verification purposes, but you can elect to have the address not show up on Google Maps. Instead, you can have the map show your service area.

Can you help me set up my Google Business Profile?

If you don’t already have this, you’ll need to create a basic Google Business Profile yourself. I can guide you, and it won’t take long at all. Once you’ve set up the basic profile, I can spruce it up with great copy.

Can you guarantee me number 1 position on Google?

No. Only Google knows their algorithm, and it’s made up of ever-shifting variables. If someone says they can guarantee your ranking, they’re lying.

What I can guarantee is to follow the advice Google offers to improve your ranking, and I can ensure your website has it’s keywords and tags filled in correctly to give you the best chance of enhancing your ranking, and attracting your ideal client.

Not sure whether this SEO stuff is right for you? Let’s find out!

If you’re an Australian business…

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