Website Copywriting

 Give your website copywriting a makeover – to make it compelling and SEO friendly – so that your ideal clients find you online and say ‘Yes please!’

Good SEO website copywriting is essential if you want to be found by Google.

Your website also needs to reflect who you are as a service provider and demonstrate how you will solve your customer’s problems better than your competitors.

But writing your own website is really hard, hey?

When you’re a service provider, you are the product. It’s impossible to look at yourself objectively, and it’d be downright un-Australian to blow your own trumpet!

Website copywriting also takes technical skill, especially when it comes to weaving in SEO copywriting techniques.

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I wish someone would write my website copy for me, so that I sound just like myself, only more awesome!

The Key Ingredients For Great Website Copy

Let’s get you a website that reflects your personality, written in a way that Google will also love, with keywords in all the right places, and other important SEO stuff. Here’s what my website copywriting includes:

Understanding Your Brand

We’ll have an-depth chat up-front, so I can draw out your point of difference and capture your brand’s personality. These are the things that clients connect to, and convince them to choose you

Behind-The-Scenes SEO Sorted

Reviewing keywords and writing the meta-tags that help Google find you when your ideal customers go searching.

Wonderful Wording

Providing wonderful words for your website that do the hard work of selling and explaining for you, while including all the things needed to enhance your Google ranking.

Calls To Action

I’ll make sure your reader knows just what to do with compelling calls to action (‘Let’s get started!’ ‘Download this freebie now!’), so they don’t just slink away.

Website Copywriting Packages

Single page SEO website copywriting – $600

2-4 pages of website copy (up to 400 words) – $450 per page

5+ pages of website copy (up to 400 words) – $390 per page

Keyword research$250

Title tags & meta descriptions$80 per page

SEO Website Copywriting Package Special

Pay only $150 for keyword research (usually $250), plus a reduced rate of $50 per page for meta tags (usually $80), when you engage me for website copywriting.  

SAVE $120+

Website copywriting prices include:

  • An initial consultation of up to 1.5 hours via phone/zoom.
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions to ensure you’re happy with your final copy.

Here’s A Website I Prepared Earlier

“I am soo happy with what you’ve written. You really captured what I wanted to say.

You’ve taken a huge weight from my mind … and shoulders too. Thank you so much.”


Home Kind Care

Alrighty then, let’s make your website copy awesome!

If you’re an Australian service business, please…

Fiona Stock website copywriting Melbourne

Website Copywriting FAQs

Will my website sound like me? How can you write about my business or industry?

Yes! Before I sit down to write, we’ll start with an in-depth chat, so I can hear all about who your ideal customers are, what you offer, and what matters most to you. I’ll also be listening out for particular words you use, and drawing out your point of difference. I’ll be able to pinpoint what you’re most passionate about, and what’s unique about you, even if you’re not sure of these things yourself.

I’ll also review your existing web copy, social media, etc, to get a good sense of your style of writing, and will consider what tone and information will appeal most to your target market.

Finally … I’ll research as needed to understand your business and industry. This is one of my key strengths. I have worked formerly as a business consultant, where quickly understanding new industries was a requirement. And I have worked in many industries since – including digital marketing, retail, events management, town planning, education and entertainment.

Do I need the keyword research and meta-tags stuff? Can’t you just write my website?

If you want your ideal clients to find your website on Google, it’s important that your website copy includes the keywords or key phrases that they’re searching for.

There is also a place on the back end of your website where we can fill in meta tags (a title and a description) for each web page. Meta tags tell Google what’s on each page, and help convince potential customers to click through to your site. It’s important stuff.

However, some people already have keywords and meta tags sorted, and might just need a straightforward re-write of their website. I’ve separated the cost out, so you can get exactly what you need.

What happens if I don’t like the website copy?

 Oh, but you will! My prices include two rounds of revisions, so that we get your copy right.

After I send you a draft, you’ll have a chance to discuss the copy with me and request changes if you need them. We can go through this process twice without you having to pay any extra. After that, I can make further edits as required, for an additional fee.

Have some questions, or want a quote?

If you’re an Australian service business, please…

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